Featured on the Sue Bryce Education Podcast Again!

So thrilled to be back on the SBE podcast. This time chatting on the clubhouse podcast about all things online marketing and branding. Becoming a high end brand has been an intentional process over the last decade of being a professional photographer and I share what I've learned and experienced over the years.

Visit the Sue Bryce Education blog to find out more about discovering your branding brilliance. Enjoy! And feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

sue bryce education wani olatunde branding brilliance

OMG - Guess who's on the Sue Bryce Education Podcast!!!

Aahhhhh, excuse me while I freak out a little!!!!

Imposter syndrome is something I struggle with all the time so when Nikki Closser popped into my DM and asked me to be on the Sue Bryce Education / Portrait System podcast, I was half tempted to ask her if she had the right person!

But my motto is to say yes afraid and so I said “Yes Please” instead!

For those that don’t know, the Portrait System Podcast is one of the highest rated marketing and portrait photography podcasts in the WORLD! 🙌🏽

It falls under the Sue Bryce Education umbrella and it is the one podcast I listen to religiously as I learn something new from every guest! Highly recommended!!!

Being invited to be a guest on the podcast is not even something I thought wouId be an option for me!

So this is a good reminder to just keep turning up and being you, because you never know who is watching!!!

I loved chatting with Nikki! I share my story of finance to photography and I also share the ups and downs of stepping away from a successful business in Nigeria to start from scratch in the UK!

I don’t necessarily love myself on audio but I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned so far because I truly believe rising tides raise all ships!

I also love that I can represent both Nigeria and the UK on this one! So another reminder that we can build a successful business anywhere! So we need to do away with that location excuse!

Check out the full interview and bonus questions over on the Sue Bryce Education blog! What a surreal moment!!! #anythingispossible

sue bryce education wani olatunde